Ky Adderley

Global education and leadership expert with experience in executive coaching, strategic planning, results-driven execution and international best practices.


Ky's Story


I grew up in Philadelphia, PA. After attending Central High SchoolI earned a track scholarship to Georgetown University. I love playing sports and had a pretty exciting career. You can read more about that here

After college I continued running as an Olympic hopeful before I found my passion for inspiring children through education. I became a 6th grade teacher in Washington D.C. through the organization Teach For America.  

After teaching for a few years, I was recruited by KIPP to found my own charter school. In 2005 I founded KIPP AMP Academy in Brooklyn NY and served as principal for seven years. We started the world-renowned, first-ever, school-wide capoeira program. 

In 2011, I founded The Adderley Group and was recruited to move abroad to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. While there I was involved with many projects working to reform education initiatives and develop leaders.  

Along with my wife Shanna Adderley, who runs an amazing fitness company, 360Fit, in 2014 we co-founded a non-profit to serve children in under resourced communities in Rio de Janeiro. The project blends sports, language learning and character education. It is called PLAYLIFE

In late 2016 I moved my family to the United States of America. My wife, our daughter Gisela and dog Xango, are happily living back on the north east coast enjoying friends and family while continuing our consulting business. 

To learn more details about my work experiences, please see my resume and contact me so we can meet. Obrigado!  Always Forward!